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“Trading and industrial company “Ukranthracite” LLC is one of the major companies in Ukraine operating in selling and manufacturing of coal of different grades. Our company is growing rapidly and is a partner for industrial enterprises all over Ukraine.
Wholesale trade of thermal and coking coals, as well as double purpose coal is the core activity of the “Trading and industrial company “Ukranthracite” LLC.

Our company provides services of a state-of-the-art chemical laboratory for coal analysis, as well as a broad list of logistics services. The company conducts extensive research and development in the sphere of energy saving solutions.
Our company cooperates with several thermal power plants and iron and steel enterprises in Ukraine having proven itself as a responsible and reliable supplier with years of experience.

Our accredited chemical laboratory with advanced equipment allowing to perform analysis of extracted coal and render services for other enterprises with regard to taking samples and conducting analysis and testing thereof is operating within the company as part of one of the mines.
Availability of railway cars, tractor trailers, dump trucks, loading and digging machines, bulldozers and other machinery in the shipping and logistics company allows not only to fulfil deliveries of own output within the timescale stipulated but also to provide services for other enterprises.
Great consideration is being given to research and development in the sphere of energy efficiency technologies with subsequent implementation thereof.