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coal mining

“Trading and industrial company “Ukranthracite” LLC is selling coal extracted and processed on nine mines located throughout Ukraine. It has wide experience after having been in operation on the coal market of Ukraine for many years. Coal deposits are located at a depth of 80 - 1 075 metres. Coal is being extracted both manually and using powered and automated machines as well, from coal seams 0,52 - 2,64 metres thick.

For sale there is a range of coal of the following grades: “D”, “DG”, “Zh”, “G”, “GZh”, “K”, “OS”, “Т”, “AM”, “AO”, “АS”, “АK”, “АKО”, “АSh”, “B”.

Thermal coal makes the major part of all the extracted coal. These grades of coal are supplied to the electrical energy and thermal generation enterprises and metallurgic plants as well.

Coking coal is supplied to the by-product industry enterprises for further cokemaking. Steady demand for coke is conditional on the large number of iron and steel enterprises on the territory of Ukraine for which this type of raw material is one of the key ones.