Want to buy coal? +38 (099) 625-23-23

What is anthracite?

Anthracite is a form of mineral coal with high degree of coalification. It has considerable calorific capacity and is distinguished by black colour with intense glance.

Where are you located?

Our head office is located in Kyiv. However our manager can visit you at any place and time convenient for you.

How do I invite your company to participate in a tender?

In order to invite our company to participate in a tender please leave an enquiry at the page “Tenders” or give us a call at +38 (099) 625 2323.

Where do you deliver coal and how much will it cost?

We deliver coal throughout Ukraine and abroad. Cost of delivery depends on the city or country of delivery. If you want to find our about delivery to your city or country please contact us at +38 (099) 625 23 23.

Are you a credible company? Are you a reliable supplier?

Our clients and our capabilities speak for us.

How much do you charge for the coal delivery?

Coal may be delivered in two ways: by rail or by road. This depends upon the customer’s requests, his location and quantity of products ordered. Please call us for clarification of details at +38 (099) 625 23 23.

How long does delivery take?

Usually not more than 7 working days from the date of payment or signing of a contract. This depends on the terms of the contract. Still every order is given consideration individually. Please call us for clarification of details at +38 (099) 625 23 23.

Where do you extract coal?

Our coal is being extracted in the mines located in different parts of Ukraine. We have a wide range of coal grades having different qualities and obtained from different regions of the country. This allows providing the needed quality as required by our diverse clientele.

Which services do you provide apart from selling coal?

Selling coal is the core business of our company. In addition to sale we perform the following:

  • Coal preparation;
  • We provide services of a coal chemistry laboratory;
  • Delivery of the goods by rail and by road (our company has a possibility to provide truck tractor trailers, dump trucks, loading and digging machines and bulldozers).

I am new to coal use, what would you recommend?

This will depend on where you are going to use coal.