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The mine in western Ukraine

Milutin Irina, Head of External Communications "DTEK energy," said the company takes over the West Ukrainian coal mines. The first wagons with coal arrived January 16.

«The resumption of supplies was made after talks with the Ministry of Energy and Mines, the latter requested to begin deliveries under the personal guarantees. But while the state-owned coal company not provided all the required documents, the coal enters the warehouses exclusively for storage.»

According to Irina Malyutina, DOE has given the guarantee that as soon as all issues will be resolved. "All of the items on the coal supply contracts with coal producers in western Ukraine for use in the TPP" Zakhidenergo "will be agreed before the end of this week. Approval and signing of documents will settle all the legal aspects and to begin deliveries of coal obtained in the "Centrenergo" TPPs.

For the record: in 2015 the company "DTEK" was purchased 580 thousand tons of coal from the state mines.. The share of coal supplied to the mines of western Ukraine amounted to 450 thousand. tonnes.