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The growth of the market for coal industry

The experts from Australia suggest a slight increase in global coal market for the steel industry in 2016. It is reported by Japan Metal.

Increase in demand is expected for the first time in 2 years and will amount to about 1% (320 mln. Tons).

is India (61 million tonnes and an increase of imports by 7%.), Followed by the biggest consumer of coal - China (. 50 million tonnes, and imports falling by 5.7%), the third - the European Union (47 million . tons and import growth by 2.2%), and the fourth - Japan (50 million tonnes and imports falling by 2%).

At the same time the market growth of coal for steel plants, mining coal in Australia, will amount to 3.2% (to 193 million tons.), Coal mined in Canada - 8%. US exports of coal will fall by 9.4% (up to 48mln. Tonnes).